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Pinned  What is the WPS?

Mar 10 2012 11:13 PM | Brian Mullins in General WPS Information

Welcome to The Wedding & Portrait Society (WPS)!

Welcome to The Wedding & Portrait Society (WPS). We're a network of professional wedding & portrait photographers who come together to collaborate on photographic ideas, thoughts, and information in an attempts to elevate the artistic, technical, and business standards of the wedding photographic community. Membership in the WPS offers many professional & personal growth opportunities via monthly educational meetings, networking, critiques, and general camaraderie during such gatherings.
The WPS's origins date back to 2005, when a Raleigh, NC wedding photographer organized quarterly photography meetings in an effort to help build relationships, share knowledge amongst peers, and help create a competitive, yet supportive photographic community. The group has grown since that time and has since evolved into the WPS (which became official in 2009.)

To join the WPS, you must meet the following minimum criteria:
- Actively pursuing business as a professional wedding and/or portrait photographer.
- A professional photography website showing your current work (Facebook business pages do NOT count).
- Operating as a legal business within the laws of your local county/city/state.
- Willingness to share your knowledge with others (we don't ask for state secrets but a general willingness to be open and help others when possible).

To officially become a member of the WPS please register at our store located here. Pro membership is $20 per year.

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Carolina Photo Expo Discount code

Jul 29 2014 11:39 AM | Renee McCardell in General WPS Information

Professional Photographers of North Carolina (PPNC) is hosting the Carolina Photo Expo August 15-19 in Durham. A discount code has been created for the WPS. The code offers $10 off registration to any of the education events. The trade show is free, bu...

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Worst Nightmares and an amazing story!

Apr 03 2012 02:16 PM | Brian Mullins in General WPS Information

For those that don't know, the WPS grew out of a local "get-together" of photographers who would talk, share and help each other out. Trying to get a group of photographers together is easy enough when it's the same photographers month after month, right? How about when the market explodes with new talent and there is no centralized system, group or resources for them to call on for questions, advice or, worst of all, emergencies.

How many of you, when you first started, had the forethought to have a contact list of photographers with you, in case of emergencies? Probably not too many. I'm not talking about a week before the wedding, we are talking a day before, or the day of. One of our members just went thru this and, let me say, I was amazed at how quickly the WPS community proved it's worth. Here is the message that went out:

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My Love Letter to the WPS

Apr 10 2012 10:08 PM | TeresaPorter in General WPS Information

As some of you know, on Friday March 31st I was on my way to Pinehurst to attend a rehearsal and get set up for a wedding on Saturday. A few miles from the venue, the car in front of me slammed on the brakes suddenly to avoid hitting the truck in front of it turning left on a hidden driveway. With little room to stop, I slammed on the brakes and swerved on to the shoulder to avoid a collision. I hit a tree going 45 miles an hour, causing a level three butterfly fracture of my right femur, a broken left thumb, and numerous other bangs and scratches requiring stitches (oh and a lovely burn on my neck from the seatbelt). You can only imagine the thoughts that ran through my head as i lay on the side of the road, was put in the ambulance, and rolled swiftly through the doors of Moore Regional Hospital. And second only to calling my husband, I was thinking of all of you.

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It's Looking Like Mac's Now Need Vaccin...

Apr 18 2012 10:21 AM | Stacy Borelli in Member Articles

Just this past weekend, I was alerted by my biz credit card company of some suspicious activity on my account. Upon looking into it further with the CS rep, someone had indeed went on a shopping spree in Charlotte on Swank Photo Studio'sexpense to the tune of $700+. In this day and age I'm thankful that my bank caught it in time and suspended my account. Yes, it's totally annoying when you're trying to use your account and it declines, but in this case I'm grateful.

So upon learning of charges to the Finish Line, Harris Teeter, WalMart, BP, and Maurices Hair & Braid World(no! I do not wear a weave!), I took it upon myself to resort to wise old Yoda, (A.K.A. Google) to do some further investigation of my own to learn how this can happen since I'm exclusively using my card as a swipe only or for online purchases with Verified Security, duh, and plus I have a trusty steed known as Mac. I'm impervious, right?

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The Importance of Backups

May 04 2013 10:40 PM | Guest in Member Articles

I recently read this sad story of a wedding photographer having their computer stolen, which had the only copy of three couples wedding photos on it. It’s very sad for the couples, and totally irresponsible of the so called professional to have only one copy of such important images. Read on to see how we make sure this doesn’t happen to any of our customers images, and some tips to help make sure you don’t lose any of your own photos.

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Welcome new WPS members!

Apr 28 2013 11:08 PM | Brian Mullins in General WPS Information

I'd like to take a moment and on behalf of the entire WPS membership, welcome all of our new members!

The WPS is a unique blend of an online community with local ties in your community. Our online presence reaches all 5 continents and boasts members in many, many different countries. Like many forums, we strive to create a community which supports, shares, helps and educates photographers across the globe.

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The Basics Every Photographer Should be Doing

Mar 05 2013 09:37 PM | Diane McKinney in Member Articles

Raleigh Wedding Photographer Diane McKinney shares some very valuable information for new photographers on how the "back of house" should be running. Backups, spare equipment, people, you name it! Wedding photography is a wonderful profession but it's also unforgiving - make sure to read Diane's article!

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WPS Member guidelines & FAQ

Mar 12 2012 10:05 AM | Brian Mullins in General WPS Information

The RULES Our terms of use can be found here: http://weddingphotog...tion=boardrules Please read all of the below for you register! By accessing the “Wedding Photographic Society” (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “Wedding Photographic Society”, “...

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10 Tricks for Getting REAL Smiles out of your K...

Mar 22 2012 10:22 PM | Brian Mullins in Member Articles

10 Tricks for Getting REAL Smiles out of your Kids | a tutorial by: Annemie Tonken Kids can be a joy to photograph. When they’re small, they are so open and unfettered by self-consciousness and ideas about how they should look that they make it easy...

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Renee McCardell
WPS Chapter Leader
  • Renee is our latest chapter leader heading up the Greensboro chapter with her Husband Jonathan. Renee & Jonathan spoke at the 2012 WPS convention and are thrilled to bring everything the WPS exemplifies to the triad area! Welcome Renee and Jonathan!!
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Looking for second shooter opportunities

Posted by mickschulte - Oct 19 2015 08:34 PM

I'm new to the group and excited to learn from some veterans! If you have a need for a second shooter, please let me know. Thanks! Mick

Second Shooting Help PLEASE

Posted by CoreyWilliams - Sep 15 2015 01:58 PM

So, I've managed to book myself like crazy in October. I need help with….


October 3rd - Road Race for a Charity I work with.  $200.  4 ish hours.  EASY!  I'll be at a wedding across town. 

October 10th - Wedding in Chapel Hill/Governors Club.  $250-300 depending on time. Shoot on my cards and go.  :-)

October 17th - Someone to rub my feet.  (Just kidding!) But would love an assistant on two family portrait shoots that weekend.  $50 each

October 24th - Farm wedding about 45 minutes away.  Natural light and low key.  $300

October 31st - Gay black tie masquerade wedding.  Fearrington.  Will be AMAZING. Lovely guys.  Big budget. Willing to let you use images for portfolio building under certain conditions.  Need experience with off camera flash.  $300-400 depending on experience.


I'm a lot of fun to shoot with (or so I've been told).  Willing to pay for experience or teach as the case may be.  Drop me a note.  corey@gleeandbliss.com

If you need a second shooter...

Posted by AdamBrophy - Jun 23 2014 12:39 AM

After shooting family sessions for two years, I threw my hat in the wedding ring last year and fell in love with it. I only have a handful of weddings booked this year and would love the opportunity to second shoot, and learn from those of you here that are seasoned wedding folk and continue to cut my teeth with anyone in the same arena as me. So if anyone is needing a second shooter, let me know, I'd love to help you out.





Hi from Croatia

Posted by vurimatija - Apr 13 2015 02:39 AM

Hi wedding colegues! :)
My name is Matija Vuri and i'm from a small country from Europe, Croatia!
I started my own company this year, but i worked for 5years for a studio you probably know ''Art studio" (with Robert Balasko)
So this is my new web site http://www.vurimatija.com 
For now i don't have many pictures online but the wedding season is about to start so there will be a lot stuff online soon! :)
I'm glad to share and learn with u guys! :)



Ryan Steffes

Posted by RyanSteffes - Apr 09 2015 11:05 AM

Hi, my name is Ryan Steffes.  I am fairly new to professional photography in the area, having pursued it as a hobby essentially my entire life.   My fiance and I have dreamed for years about one day owning a venue for events, supplemented by photography income.  I recently needed to make a career change, and with the support of my fiance, I got started turning a small part of "one day" plan into my full time job.  Since then I've been building slowly and trying to learn as much as possible.  I've been struggling trying to figure out direction, and reaching out to Kate Pope for help lead me to WPS.  Christine and I have an amazing wedding planned in October, and I'm scrambling hard to be successful enough to pay for it.  I'm definitely the most eager voice activated light and reflector stand you'll ever meet!




Ryan Steffes

Mister Guy Photography


Hello ;-)

Posted by Anna Jacek Bieniek - Dec 02 2013 06:08 AM

We'd like to say hello to everybody :-) We're husband and wife working always together on wedding photography. Unfortunately we are far away from all of you - we live in Europe, Poland, but we enjoy getting in touch with others photographers from all over the world :-) Greetings!

New Member from India

Posted by Arvind Balaraman - Nov 19 2014 11:34 AM



I have recently moved to the RTP area (from Chennai India). I have shot a few weddings in India and love every bit of wedding photography. Would love to do wedding photography in the RTP area. I am open to being second shooters at weddings.


I shoot primarily with Nikon gear and you can see some of my work at http://www.fotosab.com and http://www.flickr.co...os/arvind_radha.




Second shooter

Posted by Arvind Balaraman - Nov 19 2014 11:27 AM

Hi All


Just moved to the area after living overseas for 6 years. I have shot a few weddings overseas and would love to continue that in the RTP area.


I currently own Nikon bodies (D4 and D800) and a bunch of pro lens.





Photographer needed for family event

Posted by peilers - Oct 01 2014 11:03 AM

I have a person that is looking for a photographer in the Raleigh area for an event on Oct. 11th. I'm already booked that day. It is a large family event with 200-300 people doing lots of outdoor activities. She is looking more for a fun, documentary type coverage and not really any portraits. Not sure of the budget. time is 11-2-ish. 


Let me know if you're interested and I will pass on your info. 

Just joined today - Adam Brophy

Posted by AdamBrophy - Jun 16 2014 10:29 AM

Hey everyone!


As you read in the topic, I just joined today.


I have been shooting full time now for almost three years. I started as a family photographer, but last year second shot a wedding and refocused my direction to only shoot weddings. I love the challenge of weddings (the schedule, the personalities, the occasional craziness and the need to be able to focus in on so many different facets of photography from portraiture to architecture to photojournalism within a very short period of time)  as well as being able to tell my clients stories through my cameras. My wedding day was one of the three best days of my life (that and the births of my two boys) and to be able to capture someone else's day is such an amazing and humbling experience.


Aside from my love of photography, I am a stay at home dad to two nutty boys, I love good food, I am a bit of a beer snob and I love running. 


I am looking forward to meeting some other members here at WPS, sharing and gaining some knowledge, working together and continuing to do what I love.


Thanks for having me.